Battling Sod Webworms in Orlando FL


Orlando, Florida is known for its picturesque landscapes and lush green lawns that create a charming atmosphere for residents and tourists alike. However, even in this idyllic setting, the threat of lawn pests like sod webworms can quickly turn your lawn into a battleground. The team at Mr. Greenkeeper Lawn and Pest Control understands the importance of maintaining healthy lawns, and in this article, we will delve into the world of sod webworms, the damage they can inflict, and how Mr. Greenkeeper can help you keep your Orlando lawn thriving. 

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The Webworm threat

Sod webworms, the larvae of lawn moths, are small caterpillar-like creatures that can cause substantial damage to your lawn if left unchecked. These pests are most active during warm weather, making Orlando’s climate the perfect breeding ground for their infestation. The moths (adult stage) do not pose any threat to your lawn, but serve as a warning to be on the lookout for sign or symtoms of the larvae. Sod webworms target various grass types commonly found in Orlando lawns, including St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, and Zoysia grass. 

Sod Webworm Larvae

Fall Webworm or Sod Webworm.

Adult Stage (Lawn Moth)

Adult sod webworm. Lawn moth.

Identifying Sod Webworm Damage in Orlando

St. Augustine Grass with sod webworm damage in Orlando Florida

Detecting sod webworm damage early is crucial to preventing extensive harm to your lawn. Signs of a sod webworm infestation include:

  1. Brown Patches: Irregularly shaped brown patches that appear suddenly on your lawn can indicate sod webworm feeding.

  2. Thinning Grass: As the sod webworms feed on grass blades, your lawn may start to thin out, giving it an unhealthy and patchy appearance.

  3. Visible Larvae: Sod webworms are tiny and may be difficult to spot, but you might notice them when you inspect your lawn. They are typically green, brown, or gray and have distinctive markings. You will also be able to see their “frass” left behind on the leaf blades.

  4. Increased Bird Activity: Birds, such as sparrows, starlings, and crows are natural predators of sod webworms. An increase in bird activity on your lawn could signify an infestation.

Damage to Orlando Lawns

The damage caused by sod webworms can quickly escalate, leading to more significant problems for your lawn. As the larvae feed on the grass blades, they create tunnels just beneath the surface, causing the grass to become weak and more susceptible to other issues like disease, drought stress, and weed invasion. If left untreated, sod webworm damage can transform a once-vibrant lawn into an eyesore.






Sod Webworm Chewing Damage

Sod Webworm chewing damage in Orlando.

Chewing Damage with "Frass"

Sod Webworm Damage in Orlando St. Augustine Grass

Orlando Lawn Sod Webworm damage

The Mr. Greenkeeper Solution

At Mr. Greenkeeper Lawn and Pest Control, we understand the unique challenges that Orlando homeowners face when it comes to maintaining their lawns. Our experienced team offers a comprehensive approach to tackling sod webworm infestations and safeguarding your lawn’s health.

  1. Inspection: Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn to assess the extent of the infestation and identify vulnerable areas.

  2. Customized Treatment: We tailor our Orlando lawn pest control treatment plans to suit the specific needs of your lawn. Our environmentally friendly pest control solutions target sod webworms while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects and the environment.

  3. Regular Monitoring: We believe in proactive pest management. Our team will continue to monitor your lawn’s health and adjust treatments as needed to ensure a sustained recovery.

  4. Expert Advice: We provide you with practical tips to maintain a healthy lawn, such as proper watering, mowing techniques, and soil health improvement.

Orlando’s stunning lawns deserve the best care and attention to remain vibrant and healthy. Sod webworms may pose a threat, but with the expertise of Mr. Greenkeeper Lawn and Pest Control, you can protect your lawn and maintain its beauty year-round. Don’t let these tiny pests dictate the fate of your lawn—reach out to us today for a consultation and take the first step toward a pest-free, thriving outdoor space.


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