Sod Installation Orlando

Sod Installation in Orlando FL
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Orlando Sod Installation

Mr. Greenkeeper Lawn and Pest Control offers a premier sod installation, or sod replacement service, transforming landscapes into lush, vibrant havens. Our meticulous approach begins with a comprehensive assessment and consultation, ensuring the perfect sod selection for each unique space. Using high quailty materials, our seasoned experts meticulously prepare the ground and execute flawless installations that guarantee a seamless, healthly stand of quality turfgrass. Beyond the installation, our commitment extends to educating clients on maintenance, fostering enduring greenery. Embracing eco-friendly practices, Mr. Greenkeeper prioritizes sustainability in every sod project, promoting thriving lawns while complementing our pest control expertise. With a blend of precision and care, we redefine outdoor spaces, delivering landscapes that exude natural splendor.

Sod Installation in Orlando Fl

Our Sod Replacement Process

  1. Consultation and Assessment

    • An evaluation of the lawn will be conducted to determine what areas will require a sod replacement.
    • We will measure the square footage needing replacement.
    • Sod variety to be ordered is selected and/or matched to existing turf.
  2. Eradication and Preparation

    • If necessary, herbicide treatments will be conducted to eradicate existing grass and weeds.
    • After eradication, we will now prep the area for sod installation. This is when any grading, irrigation adjustments or soil amendment applications will be completed.
  3. Delivery and Installation

    • Upon delivery we will begin to lay the new sod in a staggered pattern, ensuring seamless edges.
    • The sod should now be watered immediately to promote root establishment.
  4. Maintenance Guidelines

    • We provide care instructions for watering and mowing, along with a treatment plan post-installation.
    • 7 to 10 days after installation, we will apply an initial treatment of a broad-spectrum fungicide and insecticide to ensure that the sod is protected.
If you have additional questions or details that will be helpful for us to know ahead time, please enter them here.