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Protect your biggest investment!  Your home and landscape are your pride and joy, but nature doesn’t always make it easy to keep your plants healthy or pest free. We’re here to help you maintain it and keep it healthy. We provide a variety of Orlando Pest Control services including Weed Control, Lawn Fertilization, Lawn Pest Control, Tree and Shrub Care, Home Pest Control, as well as Mosquito Control

Schedule an appointment today to talk to our friendly, helpful staff about your lawn and pest control needs today. We’ll be more than happy to consult with you and to offer you our professional advice and services. Give us a call or fill out the form on the right to recieve a callback.

S Hackney
S Hackney
Awesome experience. The owner Justin is very responsive and professional. Our lawn looks so much better; we are so pleased with the results!
Sean Richards
Sean Richards
Excellent Service - Excellent Price 💯 My experience with Justin is exactly why I love supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses! Absolutely professional service, from start to finish. I was impressed by the knowledge and experience they brought to the table (or yard in this case)- My yard has never looked better. 👌 They also provided environmentally safe mosquito spraying for our yard which keeps the wife happy!🚫🦟 Highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jerry H
Jerry H
I am quite happy with the service I got from Mr Greenkeeper. He explained his method to me clearly and told me what to expect. His prices are lower than other companies and he's a nice guy. I highly recommend him! My yard is looking better already and I'm super happy not to be messing around with fertilizer and schedules anymore! Update after ten days: Usually by this time of year I've got weeds popping up all over. Not this year! I'm amazed.
Rachel Selig
Rachel Selig
Mr. Greenkeeper is very professional and quick to respond. The owner, Justin, started treating my lawn this month for weed control, and it is already looking so much better. I appreciate how clearly he explained his treatment process. Highly recommend.
Lauren Davey
Lauren Davey
Been looking for a solution to my spider problems for a while and nothing worked. Finally found Mr.GreenKeeper and haven't seen a spider since. They were informative but not too selly. They were able to come out and meet with me same day and offer a bunch of different services for pest and lawn care. I've already recommended to a few coworkers.

Weed Control, Fertilization, Disease Prevention, and Insect Control are key to a beautiful green lawn. 

Maintaining healthy landscaping also requires fertilization and Insect prevention.

Enjoy your patio and lawn again without pesky mosquitos! 

Protect your home from nuisance and destructive pests inside and out!

Orlando weed control

Let Mr. Greenkeeper keep your lawn green!

Mr. Greenkeeper Lawn and Pest Control is a Veteran owned and operated business.

Mr. Greenkeeper is a Veteran Owned and Operated Business that provides full integrated pest management programs to residential and commerical lawns in the Orlando, Florida area. The company Mr. Greenkeeper gets its name from the owner and operator’s years of experience working as a golf course superintendent. The goal of our company is to utilize our acquired knowledge working on championship level golf courses to provide our customers with a beautiful lawn they can be proud of well, as keeping their home and outdoor space pest free!

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Certified Experts

We are licensed and insured, with years of experience in the field providing high end results.

Quality Services

We understand that your lawn is a valuable asset. We take our time so that we don't miss a spot and can listen to our customer's needs.

Affordable Pricing

As a growing business, our mission is to be competitive with our pricing while still providing you with professional lawn and pest control services.

With Mr. Greenkeeper, you'll get an individualized approach to meet your needs!

You’ve worked hard to create a landscape that you love around your Central Florida home, but Mother Nature doesn’t always make it easy to keep it healthy and beautiful. We understand how tough it can be and we’re here to help with a full line of landscape services including lawn weed control, lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, interior and exterior pest control, as well as year-round Orlando mosquito control. In other words, we are your local lawn and landscape experts, and we are dedicated to keeping your property looking beautiful and keeping your outdoor space pest free.

Lawn Care Services Orlando

Maintaining a lush, green lawn in Central Florida is no easy feat. Between the relentless pests, abundant sunshine, high humidity, and sometimes suffocating heat, it’s a tough job, to say the least. Our team of experienced lawn care technicians have the necessary skills to take care of your lawn and landscape year-round.

Targeted Weed Control Orlando

Mr. Greenkeeper uses a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent pesticides to keep the weeds from taking over your lawn. We are concerned about the safety of your family and pets, which is why we use the safest herbicide products on the market. At Mr. Greenkeeper, we are experts when it comes to site specific management, meaning we only spray the weeds in your lawn and not your entire lawn like other Orlando pest control companies.

Expert Lawn Fertilization Orlando

In order to grow healthy and strong, your lawn needs proper nutrition. We can help your lawn grow thick and lush with the careful application of eco-friendly fertilizer products. Our process involves a combination of slow-release granular fertilizers as well as foliar feedings to boost growth and health. In the summer months, when fertilizer black-out periods are in affect, we feed your lawn with micro-nutrients to keep a lush green color while not encouraging vertical growth. It is our goal to maintain a lush green lawn while not increase mowing requirements. 

Interior and Exterior Pest Control Orlando

Florida is home to a number of pests that can cause damage to your lawn and landscape plants and shrubs. Over-the-counter pest control products are ineffective and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. We use special insecticides that are safe for you and the environment, but deadly to pests. We will create a chemical barrier around your home to keep unwanted critters from moving in with you.

Tree and Shrub Care

Both shrubs and trees make beautiful additions to your Central Florida landscape. Our vast knowledge of native and non-native trees and shrubs includes expertise in fertilization, disease prevention and pest control. In short, we are your local tree and shrub care experts.

Mosquito Control Orlando

If your lawn and landscape is infested with mosquitoes, it’s more than an annoyance, it’s a serious issue. Our mosquito control applications protect your family 24/7 with targeted monthly treatments during the breeding season. We also provide one-time mosquito treatments for events and gatherings.

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Instead of working hard in the Central Florida sun yourself, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help with all your Orlando lawn and pest control needs including weed control, fertilization, tree and shrub care, indoor and outdoor pest control, and mosquito control. Our technicians have the experience and training necessary to safely apply lawn, tree, and shrub fertilizers. They are also well acquainted with Florida’s outdoor pests and the safest, most effective pest control products and techniques. Don’t hesitate, contact us or call 407-305-2203 today and enjoy your lawn and landscape worry-free from now on!

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